Photo of the day: A cronut at the Rain Room

Today, history was made: The hours-long-line–inducing croissant-donut hybrid stepped foot into MoMA’s most inaccessible summer exhibit.

The cronut touches down at the Rain Room.

The cronut touches down at the Rain Room. Photograph: Dominique Ansel/Twitter

How many New York City memes can you cram into one photo? Thanks to Grub Street, we've found a possible answer. If nothing else, this is photographic form of the meeting of two of the most mania- and FOMO-inducing trends of the summer. The shot was pulled from cronut mastermind Dominque Ansel's Twitter—it seems he brought his sought-after pastry to MoMA's sought-after Rain Room.

And when we say "sought-after," we're not kidding; NYT reported this morning that wait times for the interactive art experience were topping five hours. Somehow, we've got a hunch that Ansel found a way to skip the line (cronut bribe, anyone?).

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