Photo of the day: Star trails in the Perseid meteor shower

It's a good night to go stargazing—the yearly Perseid meteor shower causes more fireballs than any other meteor shower, and it’s happening this evening.

Time-lasped star trails

Time-lasped star trails Photograph: Flickr, Ralph Arvesen

The Perseid meteor shower is once again lighting up NYC skies. The annual display, in which leftover bits of comet cause firework-like streaks of light up above, started peaking yesterday evening and will continue into tonight. This striking time-lapse photo from Ralph Arvesen's Flickr illustrates the movement of the stars in relation to Earth's rotation.

If you plan on stargazing tonight—one of the best nights of the year to do so—consult our handy guide on how to spot the Perseid meteor shower from NYC.

(h/t Mashable)

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