Photos of the day: A love-hate relationship with New York City

Gala Magrina proclaims her contradictory feelings toward the city with these straightforward prints, which will be shown next week in a former subway station

  • Image: Gala Magrina

  • Image: Gala Magrina

  • Image: Gala Magrina

Image: Gala Magrina

The city we live in is wonderful in many ways, but it can also be, um, difficult (alternatively, it's the greatest place ever, but the rent is too damn high). Long Island City resident and production artist Gala Magrina's cheeky, anecdotal prints (pictured above) capture the ambivalent feeling New Yorkers are all too famliar with: “New York City is the only dysfunctional relationship I have left in my life," said the artist in a press release. "I was raised here, and while it’s one of the best cities in the world, I’ve never stopped struggling with my emotions about it. I’m desperate to make peace with my oldest albatross.”

A one-night show exhibiting the nine-piece collection, aptly titled My Love-Hate Relationship with New York City, will launch next Wednesday, October 30, in former subway station Openhouse Bowery (168 Bowery between Broome and Kenmare Sts). The free shindig goes from 6:30 through 8:30pm, and promises old-school '90s hip-hop, 40-ounces and wine coolers—which we can definitely get down with.

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