Plan your ultimate summer escape with the new issue of Time Out

This week's magazine offers weekend adventure ideas for beach bums, hikers and foodies—plus we find out, just what the hell is up with single men who own cats?

Warm temperatures seemed like a distant dream this winter, but summer has finally arrived. That means it's time to shove the boots and puffy coat under the bed, throw open the front door and start thinking about getting the hell out of the city for a few days. Weekend getaways may take a bit of planning, but this week’s issue of Time Out New York has a bunch of ideas for all kinds of adventurers. The list gives off-the-beaten-path recommendations for beach-goers trying to avoid Cape Cod traffic, gay dudes searching for the next Fire Island, artsy types who are over the Beacon hype, and many more.

There’s no shame in wanting to stick around the city, though—the new issue also includes a breakdown of three street fairs to choose from this Sunday alone. And if you want to stay local but get a quick taste of the tropics, we’ve got a list of bars around town serving boozy, refreshing summer cocktails.

Plus: Fellas with felines talk about why guys should be proud of owning and loving their cats (yes, that’s plural), and a guide for staying stylish yet comfy at Governor’s Ball.

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