Play TONY’s Oscars drinking game this Sunday!

Here’s a fun way to get smashed during film industry’s often not-so-fun night of self-congratulation.

Django Unchained

Django Unchained

Despite all the pizzazz and famous people, we wish we were at the Academy Awards (or “the Hollywood Awards,” to quote the brilliant billiards-playing history buff Van Hammersly), but the show itself can be…pretty boring. Which is why we devised an easy drinking game to keep the hours-long ceremony interesting.
(Please note that each drink below denotes a slug of whatever you’re sipping on Sunday night. Not an entire, you know, drink. We don’t want you to miss work the next morning. Or die.)

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Here are the rules:

Take a drink if…

Host Seth MacFarlane does an impression (take two if he launches into a Family Guy character’s voice) or makes a Lincoln joke.

MacFarlane annoys you to the point where you have to mention said annoyance to your group. (Note: There’s a cap of five drinks for this one.)

Cameras cut to Jennifer Lawrence in her seat. Take two for cuts to George Clooney or Samuel L. Jackson (who aren’t nominated for acting trophies this year) in theirs. Down six for a shot of Wes Anderson in his.

Paul Thomas Anderson is mentioned during an acceptance speech. On second thought, take four for that.

Someone alludes to Ben Affleck not being nominated for Best Director.

Wrap-up music swells during a speech.

Anne Hathaway chokes up during her big moment (one drink per choke up…there might be several).

Argo wins Best Picture (or two for Lincoln, three for Zero Dark Thirty and a whopping ten for Amour).