Post–3rd Ward resources: Refunds, teacher matchmaking and more

Find out about alternative avenues for community-driven education and more info to help artists bounce back from the studio’s closing.

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In the wake of 3rd Ward's sudden closing, teachers, members and students have been impacted—but don't worry, we've got you covered. Both the Brooklyn and Philadelphia locations of the art space and educational center closed on Wednesday due to a lack of funds, even after a last-minute attempt to raise equity. “We were unable to bring in fresh capital,” said co-owner Jason Goodman in an interview with The New York Times. So now what? We've compiled a list of resources for artistic souls displaced by the shutdown.

Teachers left sans gig will be happy about the Brooklyn Brainery's 3rd Ward Instructor Matchmaking Service. "We don't have the capacity to take on a zillion new instructors ourselves, but we can at least give them a hand to find new gigs around Brooklyn," says Brainery cofounder Jonathan Soma. "The end of 3rd Ward isn't the end of creative education in Brooklyn by a long shot—there are a thousand and one places than offer classes on everything from programming and screenprinting to crafts and business. We're going to spend the next week reaching out to see who is looking for new instructors, getting together open positions and organization descriptions, and then blast them all out to the members of our list." Job-seeking educators can sign up via the Brooklyn Brainery site or this Google Doc.

If you bought a class at 3rd Ward, you probably already know the learning center isn't issuing refunds—which sucks. However, students who signed up via CourseHorse (including through Time Out Classes) can get a 100% credit to use at over 35,000 classes in New York. Find more info on that, including how to redeem your credit, on the CourseHorse Tumblr.

Lastly, for folks seeking a new creative hub, there are plenty of options in the city. Find out about cool coworking spaces, offbeat classes and seminars, and the rise of informal education in the city. We'll keep you posted as we hear about more resources.

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