Protesters hit 5 Pointz with an antigentrification banner

Two local artists showed their support for the whitewashed building by draping it with large yellow tape that reads “Gentrification in Progress”

Photograph courtesy @gilfnyc/Twitter

The surprise whitewashing of 5 Pointz happened about four months ago, but appreciation for the Long Island City arts hub has yet to die down. This weekend, protesters draped the Jackson Avenue side of the building with a banner reading "Gentrification in Progress," a reference to the iconic structure's future as an expensive apartment building. BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) and Gilf, two local artists, were behind the act, and 5 Pointz has expressed gratitude for the support via its official Twitter.

"Leave it to street artists to talk about something everyone else had given up on," graffiti blogger Jowy Romano told Gothamist. "Gentrification is an especially relevant topic for artists, because when the rent skyrockets in these neighborhoods, they are being displaced along with the people who grew up in them. Gilf, one of the collaborators on this banner at 5 Pointz, is hesitant to paint murals in her own neighborhood for fear of pricing herself out. It's really unfortunate."

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