Public eye

Kron Vollmer, 45th Street and Fifth Avenue, Manhattan

Photo:  Talia Simhi

Photo: Talia Simhi

How would you describe your fashion style? I have three. There’s Intergalactic Wood Nymph, Ironic Office Wear and Styles from Around the World. They all sort of intersect.

Where do you buy your clothes? Flea markets. The one on Avenue A and 12th Street is my favorite right now.

Were you named for someone? No. In Yiddish, kron means crown. But the Yiddish pronunciation rhymes with groin, so I use the German pronunciation.

Probably a wise choice. What do you do for a living? Oh goodness, a million things. I’m a playwright, a dancer, a performance artist and a writer. I’ve also declared myself a one-woman war-torn nation called Kronesia. I want foreign aid. You can read about it at

Do you promise you won’t do any nuclear testing? I don’t do nuclear testing. I tried to buy a nuclear weapon once so that I could compete with the big players, but I couldn’t fit it in my apartment or Manhattan Mini Storage.—Darren D’Addario