Public eye

Michael A. Pegues, 43, Sixth Avenue and West 4th Street

Photo: Daniela Merino

What do you do for a living? I’m an abstract painter and sculptor.

What is that you have on your jacket? Safety pins. Every time I go out, I try to do something different with my look, something unique. I have what I call a certain pop, new-wave style.

What about the hat? Oh, I designed it. I had a friend make it for me.

What was the inspiration behind it? I don’t really know.

Where was your last good meal? A steak at the Outback Steakhouse on 23rd Street.

What do you suppose is up with that geeky hipster dude with the thick Australian accent in Outback’s ads? His voice is very captivating. It captures people’s attention. But they really need to come down and taste the steak for themselves.

You sound like quite the spokesman for Outback yourself. What’s your philosophy of life? My philosophy? Living to the fullest, believing in your dreams and going on with that until you capture a new horizon.—Howard Halle