Quiet NYC: Our guide to finding serenity in the city

How to avoid the buskers, babies and boom-box blarers and find your quiet, happy place in NYC

If there's one indisputable truth about New York City, it's that this is an exceptionally loud place to live. It seems absurd to assume that you'll ever be able to find a little peace with all that racket—right? Wrong: Our guide to Gotham's quiet side will show you where to find noiseless (mostly) spots in the five boroughs, as well as serene experiences like meditation or silent reading. (Yep, it's a thing.) And if you don't believe us on that whole "NYC is stupid loud" thing, we've got video evidence-as well as decibel readings-to prove it. (You might want to pack earplugs the next time you ride the subway, is all we're saying.)

Perfect peace in NYC

Where to find quiet in NYC

We promise that you'll feel at least slightly more serene after visiting these parks, museums, cafes and more.

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In our opinion

Illustration: Nick Azzaro

New York: Just shut up!

New York isn’t exactly what you’d call a quiet city. Can you find peace amid the madness? (Short answer: maybe?)

Say what?

How f$@*ing loud is New York?

How f$@*ing loud is New York?

So just how f$@*ing loud is New York? (video)

Um, pretty damn loud. We took to the streets to test the noise levels at Gotham bars, subway platforms, parks and more