Race through midtown with this time-lapse video

Drew Geraci spent six months capturing midtown to create this time lapse that makes the loathed neighborhood look—gasp!—quite lovely.

Still from Drew Geraci's (District 7 Media) "Midtown" timelapse video

Still from Drew Geraci's (District 7 Media) "Midtown" timelapse video

Midtown Manhattan may not be every New Yorker's favorite destination, but in this incredible time-lapse video, the touristy neighborhood becomes quite beautiful. It was produced by District 7 Media cinematographer Drew Geraci, the same guy who made House of Cards' opening sequence.

To capture midtown's frenzy at both day and night, Geraci shot 50,000 still frames over six months. The captivating video takes you to a sunny day in Central Park, underground to a rush-hour subway platform, over New York Harbor at dusk and on a careening taxi ride right through the heart of Times Square. Check it out below.

(h/t Time)

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