Rachel Kramer Bussel's Top 10 Erotic Book

Photograph: Stacie Joy

(1) Deep Inside: Extreme Erotic Stories by Polly Frost
“I normally stay far away from sci-fi/fantasy, but this collection features aliens and other worlds that are just as kinky and erotic as ours, if not more so.”

(2) Oedipus Wrecked by Kevin Keck
“This is the book I give to guys who think sex writing is too 'girly.’ Keck is hilarious and hot in these true-sounding stories. Perfect for your favorite male pervert—and I say that lovingly.”

(3) Addition by Toni Jordan
“This is not a sex book per se, but a novel about a woman with OCD. What I love about it is that when she falls for a guy, he takes her out of her need to count everything around her, and Jordan’s descriptions of their sex life, and her awakening to it, are beautiful.”

(4) The Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers by Xiaolu Guo
“Like Addition, this is a novel, but her descriptions of the narrator’s budding sexuality and sense of discovery are spot-on. The word flower may be overused for genitalia, but here it’s perfect.”

(5) Virgin Territory 2 edited by Shar Rednour
“This true lesbian first-time anthology is out of print but well worth looking for; it contains some extremely fresh and powerful writing by the likes of Tristan Taormino, Laura Antoniou and Michelle Tea. Its kinkiness is in the revealing of these raw, real truths.”

(6) Sex for America: Politically Inspired Erotica edited by Stephen Elliott
“This one isn’t as likely to make you masturbate, but it’s great for political junkies, and dominatrix Mistress Morgana Maye’s 'An Open Letter to the Bush Administration’ is not to be missed!”

(7) X: The Erotic Treasury by Susie Bright
“I’m cheating here, because I have a story in this one—about bukkake, no less—but it’s a beautiful hardcover book featuring some of the most outstanding authors of erotica ever. Brainy and horny at once.”

(8) Five Minute Erotica (and More Five Minute Erotica) edited by Carol Queen
“I sometimes think I have reading ADD. I skim one page, then pick up another book. These volumes grab your attention and don’t let it go; sexy quickies from across the sexual spectrum. I also have stories in these.”

(9) Best Women’s Erotica series edited by Violet Blue
“I can’t pick just one. These edgy, daring, provocative collections are almost ironically titled 'women’s erotica,’ since they’re really 'women’s porn’ or true 'porn for women.’”

(10) Black Feathers: Erotic Dreams by Cecilia Tan
“This is also a classic volume that I reread often. 'Penetration,’ which involves, well, penetration by many, many different kinds of objects, is an excellent example of the erotic short-story genre.”

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