Radio City Speaker Series

Politicos and hacks tackle weighty issues (and each other) at these verbal smackdowns.

Ann Coulter

Bill Maher:
“I’m the one who made Ann Coulter famous.”
“She stills refers to [President Obama] as 'Hussein,’ as if that has any reference to...anything.”

Ann Coulter:
“I think Maher’s position on gay marriage was influenced by his position on marijuana.”
“When I say something it means I’m still breathing, which is very upsetting to liberals.”

TONY fight tips: In what Bill “The Apatheist” Maher himself calls “a death match,” he should go after Dubya for deserving what is “the lion’s share” of the blame for our economic crisis. Ann “Pie Dodger” Coulter? She should talk about how Religulous didn’t get nominated for an Oscar. He seemed pretty pissed about it. Mon 9 at 8pm, $49.50--$179.50

TONY fight tips: Arianna “Not the Governator” Huffington should go after Mike “Chuck Norris Has My Back” Huckabee for taking way too long to bow out of the presidential election. Huck should nail Huff for losing her gubernatorial bid (which, he might note, was eventually won by the dude from Pumping Iron). They should both remind D.L. “Sunset Strip” Hughley that he was in Soul Plane. Mar 31 at 8pm, $49.50--$179.50

TONY fight tips: Oh snap! It’s an attorney general brawlfest! If they’re gonna criticize your manly voice, Janet “Dance Party” Reno (or, God forbid, something substantial like Elin Gonzlez), you gotta come correct with a 1-2 combo, ripping into John “Let the Eagle Soar” Ashcroft’s singing and Alberto “I Don’t Recall” Gonzales’s memory on that whole criminal thing. Apr 20 at 8pm, $49.50--$179.50

TONY fight tips: This one is simple: Karl “The Architect” Rove bashes James “The Ragin’ Cajun” Carville for being weird looking and advising Hillary, who lost. And Carville hits Rove for being weird looking and overseeing the presidency of George W. Bush, who, by most accounts, did not do a good job. Mediator Charlie Rose stands around looking pretty. May 26 at 8pm, $49.50--$179.50

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