Radio City Speaker Series: Ann Coulter

She bashes Bill Maher, Janet Reno and President Obama. Who's next?

Do you know what, specifically, you and Bill Maher are going to debate?
No, but I wouldn’t rule out guns, religion or politics.

Are you and Bill friends outside of appearing on his show?

What do you think of his positions on marijuana, gay marriage, etc.?
I think his position on gay marriage was influenced by his position on marijuana.

Do you have liberal friends?
Yes, some of my best friends are liberals. No, wait—I meant black people. Some of my best friends are black people.

What do you think of Obama?
His speeches are more effective at putting me to sleep than Ambien. I just hear him start to drone on about hope and change and I doze right off.

And the stimulus package?
Speaking as a woman, I don’t feel particularly stimulated by it. I understand that’s been a problem for Democrats in the past.

Do you think he’ll be more or less successful as a President than Bush?
Which Bush? Bush 41, “The Great Weenie”? Obama has a shot at that one-term distinction. I see that neither of them were “afraid” to raise taxes. But if you mean, will Obama ever equal the greatness of Bush 43, “The... Liberator of Iraq and Afghanistan,” that seems less likely.

How do you think Bush will be judged historically?
See above. The public perception of a President’s greatness when he leaves office is heavy influenced by the MSM [mainstream media] and, consequently, almost always wrong. For example, the Establishment told us Clinton was great and Reagan was a disaster. Now we know better.

Whom did you vote for?
I voted for Sarah Palin and that old guy on the ticket with her.

I know you weren’t a big McCain fan.
Do the words I told you so ring any bells?

Do you still travel with big, burly bodyguards?
Yes, and I must say former attorney general [Janet] Reno is a charming travel companion—at least until happy hour. Don’t ask!

You got a lot of flak for your comment about the 9/11 widows.
Thank you.

Joan Rivers had been saying something along those lines for a couple of years, but didn’t receive any criticism. But when you said it, there was public outrage. What’s up with that?
That’s an interesting point. Who’s Joan Rivers? Just kidding. Same thing with Steve Carell and Sarah Silverman, telling faggot jokes. It’s because when I say something it means I’m still breathing, which is very upsetting to liberals.

Any predictions for the U.S. Senate elections in 2010?
Going out on a limb here: Democrats will claim their votes were undercounted.

2012? Will Palin run?
Depends on how long the spring 2012 Coho salmon run in Alaska lasts.

What would you say to a liberal, nonreligious dude from Colorado, living in Brooklyn, like me?
Run for your life, silly liberal!!!

I have a gay dad, always vote for Democrats, went to school in Massachusetts and I did inhale. Where did I go wrong?
I think you just covered that.

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