Rejoice, the trailer for sci-fi epic Ender's Game is here! (video)

Watch Harrison Ford, Ben Kingsley and Asa Butterfield in the first Ender's Game trailer.

No sooner have we set hearts racing with the 30 summer films to see, then the first glimpse of the film adaptation of Ender's Game comes along and puts us dangerously close to cardiac arrest. Watch the trailer below, then—below that—Time Out writers Tom Huddleston and Cath Clarke break down for the uninitiated why this is exciting stuff. Ender's Game is due for release November 1.

What the hell is this Ender's Game about?

One of those books that inevitably draws Hollywood interest, Orson Scott Card’s best-selling sci-fi adventure Ender’s Game has been the source of film-industry rumor ever since its publication back in 1985. But the author has been fiercely protective of his work, refusing to allow anyone to adapt it. That changed a few years back, when Tsotsi and Wolverine director Gavin Hood submitted a script that met Card’s strict criteria, and subsequently signed on as director.

You can see why the studios were so keen: The story concerns shy preteen Ender, who is taken by the military authorities of a future Earth to train as a fleet commander in preparation for a war with humanity’s vicious enemies, the alien Formics, and ends up leading the fleet into battle. After a lengthy casting process, Hugo star Asa Butterfield was cast as Ender, joined by Harrison Ford as the grim drill sergeant Graff, Ben Kingsley as legendary warrior Rackham, and young stars Abigail Breslin and Hailee Steinfeld as fellow trainees.—Tom Huddleston and Cath Clarke

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