Report: Taxi-sharing apps not überpopular so far

A new report shows that the apps Uber and Hailo haven't racked up a ton of rides since launching earlier this summer.

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Have you used a taxi-sharing program yet? Actually, we're pretty sure you haven't, at least according to the findings of a new report that looked at the city's pilot program for cab-sharing services Uber and Hailo. According to The New York Times, "Over four weeks in June, the first month of the program, trips arranged by smartphones accounted for less than one-quarter of 1 percent of all yellow taxi rides." And even though more than 100,000 rides were requested, only 17 percent of those actually took place.

Most of the requests during the month of June came from Manhattan—more than 90,000, all told—and about 14 percent of those were successful. In contrast, only five requests came from Staten Island, and only one resulted in a ride. (Choice quote from taxi commissioner David S. Yassky: "People in Staten Island know that finding a yellow taxi is just one step above finding a unicorn.")

The city's pilot program for taxi-sharing services is relatively new—it only launched a couple months ago—so we're curious to see these numbers after six months or so. What about you, readers? Will you ever try a taxi-sharing service?

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