Reunion special

Event organizer Clinton McClung plays the part of homecoming queen Michelle Blake-West as he considers where some of Sunnydale's lesser-known alumni are now.

Hi there! This is Michelle Blake-West, the co-homecoming queen of the Sunnydale High School class of 1999 and chairman of our ten-year high-school reunion. Can you believe it’s been that long since we graduated...and, you know, blew up the whole school fighting the mayor? Personally I try not to think about the negatives! Instead, I like to reflect on those years in Sunny D as “the time of our lives.” For those of us who survived, I mean. Since our town was ravaged by some weird earthquake thing, our graduating class is now a far-flung and diverse group. I’ve asked all our old friends to send us details on what they’ve been doing for the past decade. Here’s who we’ve heard from so far.

Michael Czajak
“I moved all the way across the country to forget you people. I’ll consider coming to your juvenile reunion—if my fellow magic lovers Willow and Amy are there. They are still friends, right?”

Note from Michelle:
Now a Broadway star, Michael is our second-most-famous student, after reality-show star Harmony Kendall. (Hi, Harm!)

Chris Epps
“Little did I know that the science skills I learned back in high school would help me in my current career: as a mash-up disc jockey known worldwide as 'Dr. Funkenstein.’ If only my brother could see me now.”

Scott Hope
“I spent several years as a concert violinist, but I retired once I got tired of all the groupies. I now run a nonprofit organization. We’re working to overturn Proposition 8. Which reminds me, did you guys hear the rumor about Buffy Summers?”

Devon MacLeish
“I am living in L.A. and enjoying the good life—mostly just kicking back with my friends and watching the ladies walk around in bikinis. The music biz didn’t really work out for me. Seems like there just aren’t any clubs out there quite like the Bronze, or any guitar players who can 'sausage shred’ like Oz. Osbourne! Haven’t heard from you in forever. Hope to see you at the reunion—if it’s not a full moon.”

Note from Michelle:
Of course, you all remember Devon as the dreamy lead singer of Dingoes Ate My Baby.

Marcie Ross
“I entered a fast-track training program for the FBI, and now I work in a specialized field, tracking people with unique abilities. I’m really excited to see you all again.”

Note from Michelle:
Um, seriously, does anyone know who this is?

Percy West
“Life is like basketball: It involves a lot of dribbling. Of course, that’s because Michelle gave us triplets! Thank goodness I finally got that diploma, ’cause otherwise I wouldn’t make enough dough to pay for all the diapers.”

Note from Michelle:
My hubby!!!!

Lance Brooks
“I know I graduated a couple years ahead of you guys, but I would love to come to your reunion. I mean, I worked with most of you at the Pizza Barn, and all the guys used to like to hang out in my rumpus room. Come on, let’s party again!”

Note from Michelle:
Remember when we were all in love with this loser? What were we thinking?