Ride a limited-edition, arty Citi Bike during the Armory Show

Cooler than their bulky blue counterparts, the new bikes—printed with artwork from Xu Zhen—will be out in the wild, ready for you to ride

Xu Zhen's design for limited-edition Citi Bikes

Xu Zhen's design for limited-edition Citi Bikes Photograph: Courtesy the Armory Show

When Citi Bikes debuted last year, one complaint frequently lobbed at the bike-sharing program was that its two-wheelers were straight-up ugly. (Screenwriter Delia Ephron hated their color so much that she penned a slightly ridiculous New York Times op-ed decrying the "bank blue" bicycles.) But for a few days in March, those naysayers can bite their tongues, as a pretty new Citi Bike will debut on NYC streets to coincide with the Armory Show (March 6–9).

The snazzy rides are festooned with artist Xu Zhen's Under Heaven; two will be on display at Pier 92 for the duration of the fair. But even better for cyclists, eight will be let out into the wild for New Yorkers to ride. They'll be docked at West 52nd Street and Eleventh Avenue beginning March 5, and riding one can help you get free admission to the Armory Show. Per the fair, here's how: 

· During the Armory Show's run (March 6–9), be one of the first 20 people that day to ride a limited-edition Armory Arts Week Citi Bike to the Show
· Snap a photo of the bike
· Upload it to your personal social channels
· Tag: #ArmoryShow14

Easy peasy. But don't be that guy taking selfies while you're riding—get that snap after you dismount, m'kay?

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