Say goodbye to a Brooklyn landmark: Eagle Clothes sign to be torn down

A piece of old New York will soon disappear as the Eagle Clothes sign is removed from a Gowanus building.

Eagle Clothes sign in Gowanus, Brooklyn

Eagle Clothes sign in Gowanus, Brooklyn Photograph:

Though it's not as iconic as the nearby Kentile Floors sign—which has popped up on T-shirts and tote bags—the Eagle Clothes marquee in Gowanus, Brooklyn, is still plenty familiar to neighborhood residents (and anyone who rides the F or G—the sign is visible as you pass over the Culver Viaduct).

But that won't be the case for long: Today, DNAInfo reported that the sign will soon be gone, as U-Haul—which owns the building it's perched atop—is dismantling it to add several new floors to the space. (In fact, parts of it have already started coming down.) According to the article, the project manager, David Pollock, attempted to find anyone connected to the sign to try and save it, without any luck. But he promises not to get rid of the thing entirely: calling the marquee "a piece of art," he said, "I'll do everything in my power to make sure we maintain the past and incorporate parts of the sign into the building." That's something, we suppose.

This isn't the first time one of the markers of the neighborhood's industrial past has been threatened: Earlier this year, rumors swirled—and were eventually disproved—that the Kentile Floors sign would be coming down. If you're curious about Eagle's history, Vanishing New York has the scoop. We'll be sad to see this bit of Brooklyn iconography go.

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