Saying goodbye to some of New York City's long-lost bars, restaurants and shops

Vanishing New York created a list of the old-school New York City businesses that have closed in the past 12 years—take a look back at these lost venues

Mars Bar

Mars Bar

This is fascinating: As a goodbye (of sorts) to the Bloomberg administration, Jeremiah Moss of Vanishing New York cataloged some of the many city spots—clubs, restaurants and bars among them—that closed in the past 12 years. The list includes well-known institutions—such as legendary venue CBGB, scuzzy dive bar Mars Bar and graffiti mecca 5 Pointz—along with neighborhood mom-and-pop shops like Gus's Pickles and Atlas Barber School. By Moss's estimate, this added up to about 6,826 years of NYC history that's now gone.

While it's sobering to see precisely how many old-school venues met their demise during Bloomberg's tenure, it's also worth noting that in many cases, places closed not because of rent hikes or real-estate developers, but because an owner passed away (Elaine's), lack of business (Madison Avenue Bookshop) or because the building literally collapsed (Chumley's). Other spots simply relocated: The Second Avenue Deli moved from the East Village to Murray Hill, and Max Fish will reportedly open a new Williamsburg location in the near future.

We'll be curious to see how, or if, the trend is reversed once Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio takes office. (Change is, after all, an inevitable—and even necessary—part of city life.) But in the meantime, we'll be pouring one out for some of these lost businesses. (Miss you, Kim's Video.)

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