See 100-plus years of development in lower Manhattan in 50 seconds (video)

Cube Cities’ latest video shows the skyline activity on the southern part of the island from 1840 into the future.

Still via Cube Cities lower Manhattan growth animation

The brilliant folks at Cube Cities are at it again; after delivering a fascinating video of midtown Manhattan's rise this summer, they're now taking a look at the southern part of the island. The clip embedded below depicts lower Manhattan's growth from 1840 to 2020, looking forward by including building projects currently in development.

The urban-visualization company uses property listings and data from Google Earth to build these Lego-like animations. As you can see, buildings are popping up one after the other during the first few decades shown, before the urban development losing momentum in the '40s and '50s. Then, construction booms back into the new millennium with the skyline exploding—both in activity and in height.

(h/t The Atlantic Cities)

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