See 60-second animated versions of Star Wars, The Big Lebowski and more

Animation company 1A4 Studio makes watching iconic films a little easier with these sped-up cartoon interpretations.

If you've been considering putting your Netflix account on hold for a bit, here's some confirmation that you may be doing the right thing: An animation studio has been popping out adorable 60-second speed runs of some classic movies, and they might just outshine the real thing.

The gang at 1A4 Studio has churned out a few fun, fast-paced film recaps, animating the likes of the first Star Wars film, Back to the Future, The Matrix and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Most recently, The Big Lebowski got the speed treatment, boasting nearly 3,000 zippy frames of a squiggly-lined Jeff Bridges bowling and brawling for a full minute. (You can check that video out below.)

The sped-up clips are voiced with chipmunky aplomb by composer Vadim Nekrasov and drawn with care by the Russia-based animators, most of whom have long revered the Hollywood versions. "Since most of us were born in the USSR, we were introduced to Hollywood films around 1985, when VHS tapes started spreading all over the world," animator Vassily Chagin told Fast Company. "These movies come right from our Soviet childhood."

The whole repertoire can be viewed on, and fans currently have the opportunity to vote on which film will get animated next. Choices include Fight Club, A Clockwork Orange and The Shawshank Redemption, but we're personally pulling for some sped-up television—Walter White in fast-forward, maybe?

(h/t Fast Company)

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