See A Christmas Story’s “triple dog dare” re-created on the subway (video)

Improv Everywhere got kids to replicate the famous tongue-stuck-to-the-pole scene from the classic holiday movie in a slightly…different setting

Improv Everywhere reenacts A Christmas Story

Improv Everywhere reenacts A Christmas Story

Even though subway poles don't, you know, freeze, this is a pretty adorable—not to mention seasonal—prank from the folks at Improv Everywhere. The group got a few kids to reenact an iconic moment in the 1983 flick A Christmas Story, where Flick gets his tongue stuck to a pole while fulfilling a triple dog dare. This being NYC, the actor is tasked with licking a subway pole instead. Ew.

But don't get too grossed out by the germ situation: The actor was wearing a prosthetic tongue with a magnet inside, which then got stuck to the nasty rod. Grossness aside, we love the actors' impressive old-timey talk and the fact that nearly every subway rider's reaction is—of course—to film the whole thing on his or her phone, rather than helping the kid out.

The stunt is the final installment of IE's "Movies in Real Life" series, which has also included Raiders of the Lost Ark reenacted in Central Park and an orgasm flash mob at Katz's in honor of When Harry Met Sally....

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