See how NYC streets changed during Bloomberg’s reign (video)

Short clip “NYC Streets Metamorphosis” depicts the remarkable revamp of our road conditions in the last few years

Times Square

Times Square Photograph:Melissa Sinclair

No matter how you feel about Michael Bloomberg's departure from City Hall at midnight on January 1, there's no denying the man left quite a legacy. One of his most positive contributions to city living is undoubtedly the drastic transformations his administration—namely transportation commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan—accomplished for NYC streets.

"NYC Streets Metamorphosis," by Streetfilms director Clarence Eckerson demonstrates the vast improvements roadways received in the last five to ten years. See Times Square go from gridlocked bottleneck to pedestrian plaza, Kent Avenue on the Brooklyn waterfront transformed from biking danger zone to protected cycling path and lots more. Of course, the clip wouldn't be complete without noting Citi Bike's arrival.

(h/t The Atlantic Cities)

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