See Jon Stewart skewer Bill de Blasio over his pizza-eating style (video)

When the new mayor was at Staten Island’s Goodfellas last week, he was spotted eating his slice with a knife and fork—and Jon Stewart has a lot to say about it

Still via YouTube

Two weeks into his New York City mayorship, Bill de Blasio has come under fire for an incendiary issue: how he eats his pizza. When the new mayor stopped by Staten Island last Friday, it was revealed that he eats his slice with a knife and fork. The nerve! So much for his "everyman" demeanor! Naturally, New Yorkers are outraged by this sacrilegious behavior—now known as Forkgate—toward the city's signature food, and none more so than Jon Stewart.

"You're supposed to be champion of the middle class!" Stewart said furiously on Saturday's The Daily Show. "Two weeks into your term, and we catch you eating pizza à la Trump?" De Blasio tried to justify his behavior by noting that in his ancestral homeland of Italy, folks eat pizza with utensils, and that his slice had "a lot on it." Huh. Needless to say, these excuses couldn't calm an enraged Stewart, who went totally ballistic. Watch the full clip below.

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