See Nathan Pyle’s NYC basic tips and etiquette in GIF form

Squashing annoying New Yorker habits, one illustration at a time: Read about the inspiration behind Pyle’s clever drawings.

Consider us smitten with Nathan W. Pyle’s clever advice for New York living, which comes in the form of incisive, animated graphics that are updated daily online, and will be collected in a new book this spring. It’s a must-read for your friend who just moved here—and provides helpful reminders for even the most jaded city dweller. We chatted with Pyle about three of his favorites.

“Beware the empty train car” was the first tip Pyle posted, in March. “New Yorkers who saw it understood it immediately,” he says, “but countless [people] outside the city asked, ‘What’s in the empty train car?’” Like much of his work, the evocative subway tip comes from the artist’s personal experience living in Gotham for five years.

In “If you let me out,” Pyle demonstrates the oft-impractical and counterintuitive ways harried and rushed New Yorkers can act. “We’re all guilty of obliviousness in one way or another, so it’s really a matter of laughing at ourselves more than pointing the finger at anyone,” he adds.

On “Kissing”: “When you are kissing someone, it’s really hard to keep an eye on your luggage, and that seemed like an obvious line to draw on the question of ‘How long is too long?’ ”

NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette is out April 15, 2014, from William Morrow Paperbacks.

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