See renderings of the space-agey structure proposed for Queens

This mind-bending development includes luxury condos and commercial space above a transportation hub

One very, very inventive firm has dreamed up the future of architecture in Queens—and it’s bonkers. Take a look at renderings of the Urban Alloy Towers, the brainchild of AMLGM.

According to the designers’ website, "In order to secure its future as the leading global center, New York needs to continue to grow in smart ways." The "smart ways" they have in mind entail building up and over current infrastructure, so as to maximize air space and not "disrupt existing land use." These tentacle-like towers would be built above the transportation hub where the elevated LIRR and 7 train meet in Woodside. As you can see from the renderings below, the bizarre and slightly terrifying structure does not touch the existing two- and three-story buildings surrounding the tracks.

The building brings to mind the Sydney Opera House, if it were built by an evil mastermind from outer space. Like any modern proposal, it's mixed-use and includes offices, shops, apartments (with the luxury digs at the top, of course) and a commercial atrium with all the aesthetics of a sleek airport. Scroll down to see what a typical apartment might look like; the illustration here features a view of Manhattan—and a baby wearing a blazer because it’s just that fancy. 

"Urbanists have long touted the benefits of greater housing density near public transportation hubs," explains AMLGM on its website. "Urban Alloy proposes the advancement of this idea by locating the system directly on the intersections between surface and elevated train lines.” The Urban Alloy Towers are currently just a concept—the staggering cost of building this tubular mess is just one of the many reasons it'll never come to pass. But, hey—it sure is fun to look at.

(h/t Curbed)

Renderings courtesy AMLGM

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