See sex stories from the Web come to life in Blogologues: #sexytime

We talk to the live comedy show’s creators about some of the weirdest things they found online while curating their hilarious blog-gone-live revue.

Blogologues: #sexytime (Are you pinterested in a quick tumblr?)a sketch comedy show that brings sex-related blogs, tweets and other Internet media to life, opened last night at UNDER St. Marks. The performance, co-created by Allison Goldberg and Jen Jamula, features pretty outlandish material, from Harry Potter fan fiction to dolphin sex. “It might be the funniest, but it’s also the most disturbing,” says Jamula of the latter source material—but the two actors-writers-directors turned the unpalatable tale into a film-noir-style love story.

“With the whole premise of Blogologues, it’s not like we just put someone onstage and show them typing,” explains Goldberg. “We try to bring them to life and give them scenarios; we’re playing with the whole concept of catfishing. Who are these people behind the screen? What are they really like? What would happen if they were here before you?”

We don’t want to give away any spoilers, but we did get the duo to spill two of the crazier online narratives they've stumbled upon that didn’t make the cut. And how do they find these scandalous stories? “We do a lot of creative Googling,” says Jamula. “If we ever get caught by the police,” adds Goldberg, “Our browsers are really not good."

Accidental furry party

Goldberg: “Do you know what furry sex is? It’s okay; you shouldn’t. It’s this fetish where people dress up as animals and have sex—there’s a term for it, yiffing. There was this guy who was selling Care Bears for some reason on Craigslist, and apparently a whole community of people read that post as him hosting this furry-sex party.”

Jamula: “The funniest thing was that this man inadvertently published furry language, and he had no idea he was doing it. Someone actually entered his home, they had a long conversation, and he started to catch on that’s what it was about. So the person asked to use the bathroom, and when they came out they were dressed up as an animal. And then other people started showing up, following that. And it sounds like he maybe partook, sexually.”

Goldberg: “The post got a little vague at the end, but I think they all stayed and had a sex party at this guy’s house.”

Technosexual love

Goldberg: “This reporter interviewed this guy who built a robot girlfriend and then married her. The interview is really fascinating: It’s about him talking about how he has trouble with humans, and he’s attracted to technology. So he built this robot, and he talks about how he has sex with her. It’s really unbelievable. He talked about trying to create a new sexuality: technosexuality.”

Jamula: “He built all of the robots himself. He would print out the dialogues that he would have with these robots, in particular this one named Alice, whom he claimed that he married. His parents and friends got to know her.”