@Seinfeld2000 parodies Arcade Fire, and it’s the best (video)

The great NYC sitcom meets the Canadian indie-rockers’ song “Here Comes the Night Time” in this hilarious mash-up video

Still via @Seinfeld2000

By now you're surely familiar with @Seinfeld2000? The Twitter parody account of another Seinfeld Twitter parody account (@SeinfeldToday) has somehow become ubiquitous, but if you don't know it, that's fine—we'll hold on.

Okay? Okay! Now that's out of the way, here's the anonymous tweeter's latest creation: a music video that puts clips from Seinfeld (of course) to "Here Comes the Night Time," a tune from Arcade Fire's excellent new album, Reflektor. The clip depicts George's long, tumultuous and ultimately tragic engagement to Susan, complete with subtitles in the account's effed-up, typo-ridden spelling ("Garge is feelin REGRET!"). It's weird, wacky and—don't ask why—it totally works. Watch it below.

(h/t Fader)

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