Sharknado sequel will be set in New York City (video)

The so-bad-it’s-good shark-strewn tornado epic is returning with a 2014 sequel set in NYC.

Artist's rendering of a possible Williamsburg shark attack

Artist's rendering of a possible Williamsburg shark attack Photoshopped by Bryan Mayes

In case you've been living under a rock, Sharknado permiered on July 11. The campy SyFy flick, in which the predatorial fish besiege Los Angeles via an unholy mash-up with a tornado, became a Twitter phenom; according to Variety, dozens of tweets per second with the hashtag #Sharknado were coming in last Thursday. Consumer Reports even published an article debating whether insurance covers the pescatarian disaster (what a relief—it does).

Now, word is that the NYC-set Sharknado 2 will debut sometime in 2014. Just imagine all the potential scenarios in store for Gotham: Sharks laying waste to tourists on the High Line! Park Slope parents no longer safe from roving, carnivorous fish! The sharknado somehow gets on the Staten Island Ferry! Hipsters getting attacked at Smorgasburg (see above)!

Tweet your pick for the sequel's subtitle to @SyFyMovies using the hashtag #Sharknado (duh). And in case you missed it last week, the inane film will be rerun on Syfy tomorrow night (7pm). Until then, here's a clip of a man chainsawing his way out of the titular disaster.

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