Small Sizes in H&M

PHOTOGRAPH: Beth Levendis

Q I hate that out of the 200 H&Ms in New York, none ever have anything left in a size 4 or an XS. Are they leaking info to all the skinny bitches, who come in on the first day and clear it all out? What gives?—Pal C., Upper East Side

A No skinny conspiracy here; it’s just a case of tiny-T-shirt demand outstripping supply. “All nine locations in Manhattan receive an equal amount of sizes proportionate to the stock and sales figures,” says H&M spokesperson Lisa Sandberg. “We don’t necessarily send more sizes if they sell out.” She wouldn’t go into specific detail about size allocation—apparently stocking methodology is what passes for state secrets in the cheap chic retail biz. But there is good news: We did a random, unscientific sampling of the summer stock racks at four Manhattan H&M stores, and size 4 was among the top three most populous sizes in each instance, while a mere 6.7 percent of garments were size 14 or above. The drawback at any size is that if you can’t find what fits, you’re probably SOL.

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