Space craft

Steal tips from five cramped but ingenious apartment dwellers, learn a handy skill from Bob Vila's son and bid on fun, back-from-the-dead furnishings.

Multicultural small-space design: An antique-textiles dealer’s cozy home showcases bargains from abroad, paired with modern art.
Futuristic small-space design: Two architects reconfigured their space—without installing any walls.
Modern small-space design: For one guy, living like a child has its minimalist perks.
Traditional small-space design: An aspiring Broadway star’s opulent lair brings Charleston to the big city.
Retro small-space design: Two Minneapolis transplants created an airy—if tiny—respite.
You know the drill: Chris Vila, son of Bob, might be just as crafty as his pop—here, he shows us how to install gorgeous custom shelving in a few easy steps.
Salvàge: View a catalog of tossed and found furnishings, and bid on them online.
Drawing rooms: We asked three architects to render layouts for three New York personalities, using the same 300-square-foot space. Which suits you?
From the mouths of designers: We hit up some local pros for tips on how to best deal with small spaces. Read on for furniture suggestions and ideas as well as mistakes to avoid.
Space exploration: So you make dinner in a kitchen you can’t turn around in. These small-space experts know all about it.
Return of graffiti bathroom: Weeks ago, our Seek editor asked a hip street artist to redo her loo. How does she like it now?