Spend the Fourth of July hunting for Hanksy's bald eagles

The irreverent graffiti artist is back with a patriotic scavenger hunt.

Hanksy's bald Britney

Hanksy's bald Britney Photograph: Courtesy Krause Gallery

Popular local wall-sprayer Hanksy has devised something fun for New Yorkers marooned in town over the holiday weekend: a scavenger hunt designed to banish all resentment toward friends boating in the Hamptons. The self-proclaimed "street fartist" has pasted up four "bald eagles" in various corners of the city in honor of America Day. Like his satirical works that garned attention back in 2011, Banksy's iconic images with Tom Hanks' face overlaid, these new posters feature the hairless mugs of Britney Spears (at her lowest), Walter White from Breaking Bad, Larry David and Patrick Stewart over the national emblem.

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Instead of (or before) spending your day tomorrow glued to the grill and boozing it up, you can forage for these hilariously patriotic spoofs—and there's even a prize. "For all the city dwellers stuck in the concrete jungle this holiday, I'll be giving away an original Larry David Bald Eagle on panel," Hanksy was quoted saying in a press release. "It'll be hidden somewhere in the Lower East Side and it'll go down on Thursday. Swamp ass and all." Head over to the pun-master's Instagram on Thursday for clues on the posters' whereabouts. Happy hunting!

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