Spider-Man, as himself

Web-slinger, city swinger

Who are your favorite New Yorkers?
Spider-Man: I love anyone who doesn’t publish incredibly slanted editorials in their newspaper about what a menace I am. I also like listening to Joe Benigno on WFAN; he’s the only guy I know who’s more of a lovable loser than me. Let’s go Mets!

What’s the biggest thing that’s happened to the city in the last 13 years?
Spider-Man: The ’05 transit strike. Sure, it was awful for you guys, but I was the first person into work every. single. day. That’s a big change for me.

Oh, wait I’m supposed to say Time Out magazine, right?

What’s your favorite place in New York?
Spider-Man: Well, it ain’t the George Washington Bridge, since my girlfriend Gwen died there back in issue No. 121.

Or maybe it’s the top of the Statue of Liberty. I swing dates up there to impress ’em. Or just go over there to think, get some peace and quiet, and on occasion, see my buddy Johnny Storm, the Human Torch.

What’s your personal favorite moment in New York? Where were you, and what was happening?
Spider-Man: Where do I start? I’ve been from Forest Hills to Fort Tryon Park, I’ve swung off the top of the Empire State Building and crawled through the old abandoned Worth Street subway station. I’ve fought the Rhino at the Bronx Zoo and Electro in Battery Park—I’ve been everywhere in this town. I’ve seen and done it all—so it’s hard to pick just one moment. But I’d have to say watching my very own balloon float down the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Did I look fat to you?

What’s the future of New York? What are your hopes, and what needs to happen?
Spider-Man: We definitely need to curb our dependence on incredibly dangerous science experiments taking place right in the middle of the city near raving crackpots who hate me. That’s where I’d start.

What does Time Out mean to you?
Spider-Man: It means I don’t need to depend on my Aunt May for advice on the ladies. (Thanks, Bufalino!)

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Complete the sentence: New York is…
Spider-Man: …even better from 200 feet up.

If you could have a drink with our other Top 40 people—Patti LuPone, Kiki & Herb, Amy Sedaris, Jay-Z—who would you choose?
Spider-Man: I’d probably choose Jay-Z, since he’s the only one on the list who doesn’t strike me as a supervillain.

Word is you may be single. Any tips for picking up the ladies?
Spider-Man: Hit the clubs with the Hulk. You’re bound to look like a better option.

It’s you versus Batman—who wins?
Spider-Man: Me, of course: Batman is a fictional comic book character. What’s next, me versus the Tooth Fairy?

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