Splitting the check on a date: Who should pay? (video)

In our recent dating survey, more than half of respondents said that people should always split the check. But should daters adhere to a "script" instead?

Infographics: Bryan Mayes

When you ask people to divulge information about their private lives, you find out some interesting stuff. For instance, more than 60 percent of respondents to our recent dating survey said that you should always split the check on a first date. Which is great! Yay, equality!

Or no, wait, hold that enthusiasm—there was one piece of data that didn't make it to the final survey. One question asked, "A question for the straight ladies: Do you expect guys to pick up the tab on a date?" Of the 1,165 women who participated in the survey, 70 percent said that yes, guys should pick up the tab on a date.

Personally, that particular dating trope isn't our thing—we're in the "always split the check" camp—but hey, to each their own. But the stat did remind us of a video by a sketch group called the Discipline Committee, which posits that first dates have a "script," and to deviate from it causes chaos and confusion. Again, we disagree—be spontaneous! don't play dating games! and my gosh, don't expect a person to pay for you!—but we get it. First dates are weird. Having a set of rules to follow helps.

Check out the video below, and let us know: Do you always split the check? Or do you prefer to be treated (or to pay—either way)?

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