Spotted: A potbellied pig on a leash in Dumbo

We've seen a cat and a pig being walked on leashes in the past month—is this a new thing?

  • Photograph: Diana Vilibert

  • Photograph: Sarah Bruning

Photograph: Diana Vilibert

It's not uncommon to see people doing weird things with their pets in New York City—we've seen plenty of dogs on the subway, and there are no less than three different annual events devoted to dressing animals in costume. Even the phenomenon of cats on leashes isn't that new—The New York Times memorably had a story on training cats to use leashes in 2011, and Gothamist covered the trend of dudes wearing cats on their heads.

Potbellied pigs, however, are a whole other story. We've never seen the barnyard animal out and about before, but reader Diana Vilibert sent in the above photo, which she took in Dumbo. Keeping a pig as a pet isn't technically legal in the city, but that hasn't stopped plenty of folks from doing so (as this Daily News article notes). And come on—look at that adorable face!

But this got us wondering: What's the weirdest animal you've seen being walked in NYC? We're not sure if anything will top a potbellied pig, but maybe we're wrong! (We also threw in a cat that we spotted on 34th Street for good measure.)

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