Staten Island ferry to St George

Hippies, cookies and used clothing.

Cargo Café

Cargo Café

➜ Artist Allan Avidano gets his weekly culture fix at Cargo Café (120 Bay St between Slosson Terr and Victory Blvd, St. George, Staten Island; 718-876-0539), where high-heeled shoes hang from the ceiling (part of an art installation) and bold-colored paintings line the walls. There are film screenings and trivia nights, and $4 drafts to wash down the Jamaican jerk-pork wraps.

➜ Cargo bartender Rob talks up “the hippies down the street” at Every Thing Goes Clothing (140 Bay St between Slosson Terr and Victory Blvd; 718-273-7139, Funky gear—including jewelry and theater makeup—is arranged by era. Kid Robot, a teen decked out like Dwayne Wayne (but hotter), says he spends weekends sifting through clothes—and books at the adjacent shop.

➜ Shop-cum-performance-space Every Thing Goes Book Cafe(208 Bay St between Hannah St and Victory Blvd, 718-447-8256) sells cookies and organic espresso alongside used tomes and vinyl. Owners and former East Villagers Steve and Katie are full-moon drum-circle fanatics and members of Ganas, St. George’s 80-person shared-living collective.­

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