Struggling to stay awake till the weekend? Google Naps is here to help!

The new app (and Google Maps parody) is one of the most useful tools you’ll ever use before you snooze

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If you’ve stayed out every night after work and are, like the rest of us, dragging your aching feet through what remains of the week while trying to somehow keep your eyes open, this new app could be a lifesaver. Designed as an affectionate—but useful—pastiche of Google Maps, its sole aim is to tell you where the most conveniently located nap spot is, normally taking the form of either a park, a bench or other public space suitable for a quick 40 winks. Called, delightfully, Google Naps, it allows users to suggest their own favorite napping spots, along with an explanation of why it’s ideal (“The bread from the bakery keeps you in a deep slumber,” says the write-up for a bench outside Taipan Bakery in Chinatown).

New York only has a handful of spots added right now, which range from the predictable (Central Park) to the bizarre (inside The Statue of Liberty), so feel free to go in and add your own. In the meantime, pray that Google doesn’t decide to take umbrage and shut the app down. Google Naps’ creators have already written a charming disclaimer asking Google to understand that it’s a joke, but sometimes, people get grouchy about such things and start calling their lawyers. Especially when they’ve forgotten to take their nap.

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