Student discounts

Student downsides include tuition, finals and those cursed dining halls. The upside: Great deals around NYC.

Date: July 22, 2008 11:47:38 AM EDT
Subject: Student discounts

Now that I’m a card-carrying full-time student with decreased income, I’d love to read something on great student discounts around the city.

Caitlin Power
East Village

Brand-new college freshmen (welcome, kiddies!) and repeat-matriculaters can have Madison Avenue–type luxury at Madison, Wisconsin, prices. Sure, we all know that boring old museums are cheaper for students, but you can also give yourself a mind-body-sprit makeover between lectures with the meager leftovers from your student loans.

Better yourself

Sat around the pool (or surfed the Internet) too much this summer? Head to Jivamukti Yoga School (853 Lexington Ave between 64th and 65th Sts, second floor 646-290-8106; and 841 Broadway, second floor, 212-353-0214; where your student ID gets you a $20 single class for just $16. To feed your mind, do your book shopping at any Shakespeare & Co. (212-570-0201,, where students from ten select New York colleges get 10 percent off. Since the artsy culture is the big reason you picked a school in NYC over Podunk State U, grab $7 student tickets to the Poetry Project (St. Marks Church, 131 E 10th St between Second and Third Aves; 212-674-0910, for weekly readings and performances, or get some $5 tickets in advance at Comix (353 W 14th St between Eighth and Ninth Aves; 212-524-2500,

Primp and pamper

On Mondays and Tuesdays, Eastside Massage Therapy (351 E 78th St between First and Second Aves; 212-249-2927, will knock $5 off an hour-long massage and knead aching muscles back into place from all those keg stands—er, midterms. For your fingertips, NYU kids should try Dashing Diva (41 E 8th St between Broadway and University Pl; 212-673-9000, They offer 10 percent off all services except massage, so treat yourself to a mani-pedi. You too, gents; grungy toenails are so high school. Columbia students can top it off Aveda-style at Scott J Salon (2929 Broadway between 114th and 115th Sts, second floor; 212-496-3902,, where Ivy League Lions get a 10 percent discount on all services. The more egalitarian Little Hair Shoppe (54 E 4th St between Bowery and Second Ave, 212-375-1004) offers $10 off a $65 haircut to patrons with any valid college ID.

Eat it up

While the 5- to 10-percent student discount (depending on the order) at Latin Thing (61-B Lexington Ave at 25th St, 212-213-2522) may not sound like much, it is a chance to get city eats that don’t come served in Styrofoam. And since any student, aged 19 or 90, thrives on pizza, Domino’s (16 W 8th St between Fifth Ave and MacDougal St, with many other locations; 212-353-3100, will give you three medium pizzas with unlimited toppings for $7 each. Make someone else shell out for beer.

For graduates and education-phobics

Don’t have a student ID (or looking too aged to use your expired one)? Don’t fret, grandpa. The oldies can still have some fun on the cheap. If you’re under 35, you can see select speakers—including former New York State poet laureate John Ashbery on October 27 or Toni Morrison on December 8—for just $10 at the 92nd Street Y (1395 Lexington Ave at 92nd St; 212-415-5500, If theater’s more your thing, join TONY-cosponsored Hip Tix, the Roundabout Theatre Company’s discount program for theatergoers 35 and under (, for $21.50 show tickets.

If you absolutely must have your cheapo Domino’s, TONY is happy to help. Print a TONY (fake) student ID! Add your own photo, laminate and go to town. Yep, it’s for “Some College in New York” (if anyone asks, our mascot is the Fightin’ Tonys, and we’re undefeated this year). Personalize it and go to town. But if you get caught, we’re gonna act like we don’t know you—just like the time the RA found our roommate’s Goldschläger.

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