Study: Glass windows, expensive view? Don’t care!

A new survey looks at the city’s glass-walled towers and finds that their floor-to-ceiling windows are typically covered by blinds

Turns out the expensive views afforded by glass-walled buildings are rarely enjoyed. In a new report titled “Seduced by the View,” the Urban Green Council (UGC) finds that many glass skyscrapers windows are covered by blinds. The nonprofit comes to this conclusion having photographed a total of 55 buildings in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. The snapshots reveal that 59% of windows are sheathed by blinds or curtains, and more than three quarters of the buildings keep a majority of their windows covered.

The UGC also notes that these patterns are not dependent on the time of day or whether the window faces the sun, ruling out arguments that the shades are being used for, you know, shade. The findings suggest that although building residents may be taken in by breathtaking skyline views, in their day-to-day lives they end up wanting privacy (among other things that curtains afford, like warmth).

The UGC hopes this will encourage architects to stop constructing so many glass buildings, which they say are “significantly less energy-efficient” than those with traditional walls. Glass buildings are also the cause of—brace yourselves—around 90,000 bird deaths a year, according to the UGC’s report. The environmental downsides, they argue, are simply not worth constructing the glass towers—especially if people aren’t even using the floor-to-ceiling windows such buildings flaunt. 

(h/t Crain’s)

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