Study: Living near good public transportation may make you happier

Our suspicions have been verified: A new study confirms the importance of living near a well-functioning subway line.

149 St Subway

149 St Subway Photograph: David Rosenzweig

A new study confirms something we've long suspected after many brutally cold (or swelteringly hot) subway rides, frustratingly long waits on the platform, belligerent riders and other public-transit misadventures: Living near well-serviced transportation may be linked to commuters' well-being.

Jason Cao surveyed riders of the Hiawatha light-rail line in Minneapolis to conduct this experiment. He found that residents who valued the Blue line, as it's also known, as accessible and serviceable, were also more satisfied with their lives. So what does that mean for us New Yorkers? Consider shacking up next to one of the best rides in town. We'll leave you to consult our poll of the worst subway lines in the city (cough, G, cough).

[h/t Salon]

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