Study: Manhattan drivers are angriest, Queens drivers are the drunkest

NYPD data says Manhattan is responsible for 107 out of nearly 400 recorded road-rage-related accidents citywide.

Photograph: Ben Rosenzeig

In case all that honking outside your window hasn't tipped you off, New York's got plenty of angry drivers, and according to a recent survey, Manhattan has the feistiest of them all.

According to NYPD data compiled by the New York Post, more of this year's road-rage-related accidents happened in Manhattan than in any other borough: The island registered 107 out of NYC's nearly 400 recorded accidents as of July 31. But the city's most congested borough wasn't the only one to fall victim to some angry driving. Queens got an honorable mention with 92 road-rage-related accidents, and Brooklyn followed with a close 90.

Meanwhile, Queens had its own problems, garnering 32 percent of the city's nearly 900 alcohol-related accidents, and 95 sleep-related accidents out of 235. Maybe it's best to just stick with the N train.

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