Submit your photos for a Hurricane Sandy–themed exhibit

The Museum of the City of New York is crowdsourcing pieces for a photo exhibit, which will open around the one-year anniversary of the superstorm.

Hurricane Sandy, Gowanus

Hurricane Sandy, Gowanus Photograph: Amy Plitt

Weirdly enough, it's been nearly a year since Hurricane Sandy hit New York City, and as that anniversary approaches, at least one institution is devoting space to commemorating the event. The Museum of the City of New York will open a to-be-named exhibit sometime this fall that features photography from before and after the storm, and instead of focusing solely on professional images, they're opening up the show to pretty much anyone.

The call went out earlier this year with a deadline of March, and more than 650 people sent in their photos. Given the interest, MCNY put the word out for even more images—of particular interest this time around are "before and after images of the same subject, highlighting the dramatic effect of the storm."

More information on the exhibit can be found on the museum's website, as can rules and specific submission guidelines. The new deadline is August 1, so get your photos in ASAP.

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Editor: Marley Lynch (@marleyasinbob)