Subway stations: Sights & Blights


14th St (Eighth Ave) station
They might be railing against crass capitalism, but Tom Otterness’s brass figurines are almost as cute as the ubiquitous Chelsea boys walking past them.

81st St–Museum of Natural History station
Colorful mosaics featuring exotic fauna make this uptown stop a real showcase.

Eastern Pkwy–Brooklyn Museum station
Clean platforms, new tiling and architectural details are a great preface to the breathtaking cultural institutions and natural splendor outside.


Lower East Side–Second Ave station
What—or perhaps, who—died and made this sweltering depot smell so rancid?

Atlantic Ave–Pacific St station
Yeah, it’s all shiny and new, but the Byzantine staircases make us feel like we’re in a friggin’ M.C. Escher painting.

Chambers St station (J, M, Z line)
Voted the ugliest stop in a 2005 poll, this decrepit station is rife with litter (and worse). Heck, they filmed C.H.U.D. here!