Survey: New York condom habits by neighborhood

68 percent of NYCers did not wear a condom the last time they had sex, and a study from the Dept of Health breaks down the barebacking by neighborhood

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In October, we shared a Department of Health survey with you that found that only one in three New Yorkers wore a condom the last time they had sex—or, if you flip the numbers, 68.2 percent went bareback the last time they got lucky. Now, the data from that 2012 NYC Community Health Survey is online, meaning that you can delve into condom usage by neighborhood. Fun stuff!

The numbers show that Greenpointers are the most adverse to using protection—a whopping 85.8 percent of the Brooklyn 'hood's residents admitted to not wrapping it up during their last romp. Central Harlem is the "safest" area, relatively speaking, with 56.7 percent of its denizens reporting they used a prophylactic. Sadly, not a single neighborhood in town veered toward a pro-condom majority. We've got to assume a portion of these numbers can be explained by monogamous relationships.… But the survey's findings are still shockingly high. Be safe, folks!

(h/t New York Observer)

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