The 9/11 Museum expected to open next year; see the progress (video)

Check out a video from the Associated Press, which got exclusive access to the under-construction institution.

National September 11 Memorial Museum

National September 11 Memorial Museum

After numerous delays—first funding issues, and then damage sustained during Hurricane Sandy—construction on the 9/11 Museum is back on track, and the institution is expected to open next spring.

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The Associated Press released a video this morning showing progress inside the building, and it seems like things are coming along. Large artifacts—such as original steel columns from the Twin Towers, or the "survivor's staircase" (which connected the World Trade Center to Vesey Street, and was used by people in the building to escape during the September 11 attacks)—have been placed. The museum is now working on getting smaller artifacts and exhibits set up, as well as making sure the basics (lighting, flooring) are taken care of.

Check out the preview below.

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