The art of the meme

Painter Lauren Kaelin immortalizes some of the Interweb's best viral phenomena the old-fashioned way.

  • Meme: Bedroom Intruder

    "Antoine Dodson 2010" via

    Meme: Bedroom Intruder
  • Meme: Grumpy Cat

    "Grumpy Cat 2012" via

    Meme: Grumpy Cat
  • Meme: Ikea Monkey

    "Ikea Monkey 2012" via

    Meme: Ikea Monkey
  • Meme: Texts from Hillary

    "Texts from Hillary Clinton 2012" via

    Meme: Texts from Hillary

Meme: Bedroom Intruder

"Antoine Dodson 2010" via

Hilarious videos and photos spread around the Internet at lightning-fast speed, enjoying a few weeks (or sometimes mere hours) of fame before becoming passé (we're talking to you, "Shit [blank] say" and "Harlem Shake"). But certain images endure and evoke a sort of insta-nostalgia that makes us laugh for much longer. It's these pop-culture moments that Brooklyn-based painter Lauren Kaelin captures in her "Benjamemes" series.

Our favorites are in the above slide show—Texts from Hillary, Antoine Dodson (a.k.a. Bedroom Intruder Guy), Ikea Monkey and Grumpy Cat—but there are several others to choose from, including Boo and Jessica's Daily Affirmation. Large matte poster prints (16" x 20") cost $75, while the small matte prints (8" x 10") go for just $20.

Don't see your most-loved meme? Kaelin takes suggestions. Our votes go to Lime Cat and Dramatic Chipmunk, but we promise to forgive you if you request LOL Guy or Honey Boo Boo.