The average selfie-taker in NYC is 25 years old, and other fun selfie facts

A cool data project analyzes selfies by the numbers, comparing NYC, Bangkok, Moscow, Berlin and São Paulo

It's pretty much impossible to scroll through Instagram without seeing a selfie; 73 million of the cell-phone self-portraits have been posted on the photo-sharing site since January 2011. (Scroll down to to see the first photo shared with that game-changing hashtag.) Selfiecity, a data project by CUNY professor Lev Manovich, analyzes self-documenting trends on social media by comparing images from five major cities: New York, Bangkok, São Paulo, Moscow and Berlin.

We pored through Selfiecity's research to bring you the Gotham-specific findings:

• With an average of 25.3 years old, NYC has the oldest selfie-takers; 23.7 is the median age in all five cities, and the average age for men is higher than that of women in every city (cough Anthony Weiner cough).
• The average head tilt is 7.6 degrees (compare with a more expressive 16.9 degrees in São Paulo), and the average amount of head tilt in women's selfies is 50 percent higher than for men.
• Behind Bangkok and São Paulo, NYC ranks third in terms of the most smiley selfies.
• 61.6 percent are posted by women; all five cities had significantly more female than male photogs.

The most surprising takeaway? The project found that only only 3 to 5 percent of images analyzed were actually selfies, depending on the city. Other prevalent images were of monuments, pets, friends, food.… Check out the project's very cool website for more stats.

(h/t National Geographic)

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