The Brooklyn Bridge has been transformed into a giant human harp

Artist Di Mainstone turned the bridge into a musical instrument as part of her Human Harp project

Artist Di Mainstone on the Brooklyn Bridge

Artist Di Mainstone on the Brooklyn Bridge Photograph: Courtesy Human Harp

The Brooklyn Bridge might seem pretty packed with people taking photos and construction detritus these days, but one artist decided to turn it into more than just a tourist thoroughfare. Artist Di Mainstone recently transformed the bridge into a massive musical harp, harnassing its natural sound frequency and broadcasting it so it resembles the instrument's gentle music.

Mainstone, a London-based sound and performance artist, spearheaded this Human Harp project last fall in preparation for the Brooklyn Bridge's 130th anniversary. She wanted to give people the opportunity to "play the bridge," so she hooked a magnetic digital interface module to the bridge and connected it to a wearable harness.

The harness has strings attached to it that can be manipulated to change pitch, volume and timbre, and the interface module translates the suspension bridge's natural vibration frequency into sweet tinkling sound.

The Human Harp folks debuted their first performance for the bridge's anniversary in May, but they recently released a documentary explaining the project, with footage of a dancer manipulating the bridge's sound using movement. Their next few performances are TBD, but keep posted; you might get your own chance to play the bridge soon. And check out video of the performance below.

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