The Brooklyn Bridge promenade may be going green

A group of conservation organizations is proposing to renovate the bridge’s boardwalk with sustainable wood from Guatemala

Images courtesy Wildlife Conservation Society

The Brooklyn Bridge promenade has seen feet from all over the world; now, it might be getting replaced with wood from faraway places as well. A proposal to replace the planks on the iconic bridge's boardwalk with sustainably harvested wood from Guatemala has made the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and other groups finalists for the Yale ISTF Forest Finance Innovation Prize, which recognizes noteworthy concepts in funding tropical-forest conservation.

The Brooklyn Bridge Forest initiative—a group created by WCS along with the Municipal Art Society, the Natural Areas Conservancy and Pilot Projects—aims to connect New Yorkers and the people of Uaxactun through plank sponsorship, which would help the Guatemalan community gain resources needed to protect the forest. If awarded, this $5,000 prize would allow the bridge's aging promenade 11,000 new planks with contributions from Gothamites and tourists alike. Proceeds from the project would also assist New York City with increased environmental education and restoration within the five boroughs.    

The 6-million-acre forest is home to a wide variety of animals like jaguars and monkeys—and let’s be real, so is the Brooklyn Bridge. From dudes dressed like the Statue of Liberty to bicyclists pummeling slow walkers, the promenade is basically a jungle on a sunny Saturday. “With the Brooklyn Bridge Forest initiative, everybody wins,” said WCS's John Calvelli.

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